Wednesday, March 30, 2011

intimidated? jealousy? instinct?

A question to girls who are a girlfriend to a guy...

have you ever have this feeling, where you don't feel easy when this one other girl talk to your boyfriend?
I mean, you don't know the girl, she's not your friend, you probably never even met her in person, and you don't want to judge without any strong reason...but you just can't help the feeling. You don't have this problem with any other female friends of your boyfriend...but just that one because you feel like the way she talk to your boyfriend is extra friendly compared to the way she talk to other guy?
And she is not your boyfriend's childhood friend, not even friend from school, you know your boyfriend LONGER than she does.
She just happen to meet him when you ARE in a relationship with your boyfriend.
And you know that she KNOW that your boyfriend is NOT single and definitely NOT available, which sometimes just pissed you off even more?
But somehow you are relief because your boyfriend doesn't seem to be paying attention to that whore and just treat her like any other of his female friends?
And at times you don't know if that is jealousy, intimidation or instinct or the combination of all three.
And every time you hear your boyfriend mention her name saying she asked him to help her with something, or when you see her talking in her extra friendly style to him feel like doing this to her...

If you do...
then welcome to the club...

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Clarissa said...

Every girlfriend will get those jealousy pangs. =) Very normal and natural reaction la.

No worries girl!

Wani said...

hahaha. yeah, probably =P