Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Novels collection~

I was bored, so just thought of sharing something with you people :)

Currently I'm reading this book...

In previous time, since school days, I've read lots and lots of books...
My biggest book collection is probably Charmed books.
I don't really buy it anymore, I kinda grow out of it...but still, I have so many Charmed books.

Other books I've been reading is this...
The Secret's not a full set yet.
I'm still looking for the last book. I really like this book.

Lauren Conrad's L.A Candy series.
This is a really nice story.
I've read all three books and it's amazing. Two thumbs up ^__^

Charlie Bone series. It took me a long time to actually complete a full set for this one.
It's quite hard to find the book last time, nowadays, I see it everywhere. Haha
This is among my favorite books :)

The Black Magician trilogy!!
I literally cried reading the ending of this book. It was so sad!
It's not really a sad ending...but something happened and it made me cry. haha

The Spiderwick Chronicles. I've read this book BEFORE the movie was made.
It's a very simple book. Suitable for beginner reader.

The famous book of Lewis Carroll of Alice in Wonderland.
I found it rather confusing...haha, just like the movie!

These are among the book series...that I never really follow.
I just bought one or a few out of the whole thing and never really buy more.

My one and only Harry Potter book. haha
I read the 5th book, Order of Phoenix, but I didn't buy it. I borrowed it.
But this last book is worth buying, I found it really nice...unlike the movie :(

My only spooky novel...not really that spooky..but it's okay.

My TOP 3 non-series novels.
The Book of Tomorrow is REALLY good. I would definitely recommend you to read it.
Twelve Bar Blues is probably the most creative piece of book ever written.
Pride and Prejudice? Well, what can I say...even the movie is wonderful :)

Some other non-series novels. The City of Ember...I read it even BEFORE the movie was made. I read Ella Enchanted after the movie was made, I think the movie is funnier though :-/
As for Black Swan is not the movie Black's a different one.
Magical story which involves vampires, elves and's nice.

Some book that I buy or people bought for me that I never finish reading it.
Except for The Art of Quartet Playing...I read that book...but the rest...some I read half, some I never read. Haha...this is the problem when people bought a book for me. If they don't know my taste...I end up reading only a little because I will most probably get bored half way :p

I kinda have bad experience with people borrowing my books though.
End up ruin...lost...or something related to that.
And I hate it...I take care of my really really take care of it.
But when people borrow it...they just don't appreciate the book like I do. So, when people want to borrow my book...I become...well...a little defensive over it. Unless I really trust that people and we see each other often, then I might not worry because I know that book will be in good hand and I will see that person often so it'll surely be returned to me.


Anonymous said...

do u sell ur books? :D

Wani said...

Not at the moment. I might though in the future. But not now ;-)