Tuesday, March 08, 2011

silly wishes...

Wish I have a long, healthy, beautiful hair. And also wish I know how to do many kind of different hairstyles. It must be wonderful. I never had a hair longer than shoulder length. I'm planning to try to keep it long. To see how it looks like, my hair grew really slowly, so, I think I should give it a shot once in awhile :)

Wish to own my own cat someday. When I have a life of my own. I wish to have some cats around. It doesn't have to be long hair cats, I'm not really into long hair breeds, they're lovely, but need proper and regular grooming. It's easier to take care of the short or semi-long hair breed :p

Wish my relationship will last for a lifetime. Probably a typical wish made by any other couples, but I really do mean it :)

Wish I am a better violinist, a better musician. I'm working my way to get there. I really do dream of becoming a great musician one day.

Also, I wish to live in a more peaceful world. It's probably impossible now by looking at the world, where people are getting more greedy and selfish...but it's never wrong to pray for it, right?

*photos from Tumblr


Irene said...

I wish I hv silky long hair too ^___^

Wani said...

yeah. i think lots of girls does. haha

Mandy W. said...

I have never wished for long hair ever. I actually just cut my hair so short I look like a boy. =)