Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thought of the Day

I got an inspiration to write something about it while Tumblr-ing. About what? Well, something about my opinion about different kinds of couples. I think they are money kinds, the serious ones, the clingy ones, the distance ones, the lust-based ones and many more. However, I'm planning to just talk about the distance ones. First and foremost, do you think Long Distance Relationship (LDR) works? Do you think it's possible? Do you think it's just a fairy tale? Have you ever been in one? Well, I personally do believe in LDR. Why? Because I look at my relationship as an LDR. I mean we spent 80-90% of our time communicating either through texting, calling, IM-ing or facebook-ing. Last time we didn't see each other from December 2010 until February 2011. Now...we almost didn't see each other for a month. Any other day, we usually see each other once or twice every one or two weeks and if we're fortunate we get to see each other a lot in a week. Is it hard? Extremely, sometimes it's just easier to misunderstood when you're apart from each other. It's really REALLY hard. The distance prevent you from touching the person that you care about. The distance prevent you from being there when the person you love, need a shoulder to cry on. The distance makes you feel hopeless sometimes, and that feeling is awful. However, THAT same distance is the one that make you appreciate your partner's presence. THAT same distance is the one that teach you not to take your partner for granted. THAT same distance is the one that make your relationship somewhat stronger than ever. Because of THAT distance, when you see your partner, you know how truly special they are...and it makes every meeting special. Of course, on top ALL the good things that I said, sometimes couples just fail to see that because when you are far from each other, jealousy, suspicious, or anything else becomes stronger and it'll easy break your relationship if you don't trust them enough. Which makes some LDR a sad history. But I once read from some website...that the percentage of couples who are not in LDR that cheat on their partner...is more than the ones in LDR. So, I guess, cheating people don't do LDR because they have commitment issue, right? Haha.

*photos from Tumblr


Zakian Sulhi said...

wani!! the book of a thousand days tu looks interesting..hurmm..i am really longing to read a good book..skrg xdak masa!

btw, i have charmed novels jugak!

Wani said...

asal comment kt sini? asal x comment kt post "Novels collection" tu ja? hahahaha. Ni pown x abih lg baca buku tu, tergendala jap, brapa hari dh x baca. Sama la, xda masa la. Zakian ada gak eh Charmed novels? Cool! Bigger than my collections? =P