Saturday, April 02, 2011

April 2, 2011

Today was my audition for UCSI.
I think I did okay for the Violin playing and theory placement test.
But my listening test...aiyayai~ I never thought they give something that is at the level of Perfect Pitch people =.="
Even my aural...when I want to play the melody again...I remember the first half but always get blank at the second half...I guess my brain was sabotaging me T-T

Anyway, I went to KLCC for a while after the audition.
I bought Macaroons at Harrods.
6 small cute pieces cost me rm18. Which mean 3 bloody ringgit each!!
But I bought it anyway, I want to know how it taste like, I've seen pictures of macaroons flooding all over Tumblr, but I never taste or seen or hold one...until today :)
It's very sweet. Not so good for kids, they will SURELY get sugar rush afterward.
Out of 6 macaroons, this is the final two that left, so I took a picture of it ^__^

Aside from that...I went to Kinokuniya and bought another book
This book...

I've seen the movie poster at TGV just now at KLCC, the movie will be out on April 21
(I thought it was out last year =.=)
So, I'm planning to read and watch it somewhere in the future, with Thairy perhaps? It's been awhile since we last watch movie together.

Well, I gtg now.

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