Saturday, April 16, 2011

ECSTATIC!!! So many cool pics!

Today is a FUN FUN day!
We had April Birthday Party for all that was born in April.
Among us are Zameelah (April 14), Eizaz (April 24), Thairy (April 16), Wan (April 16), Ershad (April 4), Umar (April 3...I think), Dahlia (April 26) and myself (April 15).
Gosh...I can't believe I remember the dates!

Anyway, here are pictures during the OSR Birthday Party =)

*Me and Thairy...don't you just love the shirt. I bought for him while in London

*Me and the twins of April 16! The two important guys in my life for almost 5 years!!

Liu Yi and I went shopping together last time and bought gifts for Wan and Thairy...

*I bought a gift for Wan

*And Liu Yi bought a gift for Thairy

*We gave them the same shirt...we bought at PDI, Pavilion =)

*Us together

After the party, I brought Thairy to Fullhouse, Kuala Lumpur.
I'm buying him dinner as a gift for his birthday.
We were so full!!

*This is what I had for dinner...I conveniently forgot the name of the dish, but it's fish, with passion fruit and some other berry juice. It's quite exotic really.

*This is what Thairy had. Again, I conveniently forgot the name of the dish, but it's lamb ;-)

We had desert, but we finished it before I could take a picture of it. It was really really nice!! We had a good satisfaction for dinner =)

And these are the gifts that I get this year.

The Man U jersey is from Thairy, his sister gave me the bag, Liu Yi gave me the book and the cute bear, my sister gave the white shirt, Wan gave the chocolate and Ken gave the treble clef pencil and quaver sharpener. Thanks everyone!!!!

This year's birthday is DEFINITELY better than last year, even though I feel the joy of it the day after my birthday. I am so grateful for it. I am full of joy and I haven't been feeling like this for quite awhile. And not to forget, thanks Mayya, for the delicious chocolate cake!

*Photos at Istana Budaya are all credits to Liu Yi*

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