Thursday, April 21, 2011


Excluding fake flowers, how many times a guy/girl give you a flower or bouquet of flowers?
3 guys (the ex, the bf and the conductor)...and the rest I got as souvenir, usually after perform and the whole orchestra get one.
I'm not much of a flower person.
I appreciate it if people sincerely give one to me.
But it's not really my choice of gift.
I prefer to see flowers still attach to the ground, part of the tree/plant.
I think it looks prettier that way.
Thinking back about it, I never really bought a flower for anyone.
Never cross my mind.
But I might though one day, if the time seems right to actually give flowers.
Different people have different ways to approach or show something to another.
Flower is just not my way.
I prefer buying dinner over giving flowers, at least you get to spend some quality time together.
But like I said before, I might buy a bouquet of flowers somewhere in the near future for someone's convocation day :)
I hope I can come on that day, coz it's during the weekdays and by then I'm already in UCSI.
Well, I hope luck will be on my side that day, I really do want to come.
He was there for me during my convocation, and I want to be there for him.
*photo from Tumblr

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