Wednesday, April 13, 2011

just another day

Hello you lovely people out there who's willing to read my blog! (I wonder if there is any...)
Anyway, today was quite an up and down day for me but I look at is as one sweet day :)
Oh, probably because I spend the whole afternoon with Thairy. We didn't do anything special.

BUT before that, let me explain why I'm in Shah Alam.
I was helping Ken's exam. Actually, I'm supposed to help him for his recital, so, it's kinda like a package considering he was playing it for exam as well.
After I helped Ken, which was okay...not disastrous, so it's quite okay.
I went for lunch with Thairy, we had simple lunch.
Then, we went to the bank coz I need to bank in my cheque, got my payment from work *yippie*
Then we went to Giant coz Thairy wanted to do some grocery shopping.
We went to photostat shop coz I need to photocopy some stuffs.
We went to stationary shop coz both of us need to buy something.
We went to wash my car....and that was it.
I went home after that. Nothing special, but I really enjoyed myself today =)

p/s : not gonna talk about the downs of today, I'm too happy for it, I don't want to ruin it.
*photos from Tumblr

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