Thursday, April 14, 2011

odd? O__o

for some odd reason...
I just realize tomorrow is my birthday O_____O
Gosh~ What's wrong with me, usually I realize of my birthday since April 1
Like I mentioned in some older post, I kinda lost my birthday spirit this year, and I don't know why.
So...I wonder what will happen starting from midnight later.
I wonder if it'll be as lame and boring as last year.
Well, only time will tell.
Can't believe I'm turning 22 already
*sigh...* I'm getting old -.-"

I'm not hoping for any presents.
I don't make a wish list coz out of 22 years of life, not once I get what I want from my birthday wish list. So...whatever.
I'm lucky enough to get anything at all from anybody.
I'm not pushing for presents, if they sincerely want to give me a gift, then I am very grateful.

Well, can't wait for Saturday.
I hope nothing bad happen on that day coz I really want it to go at least well.
Well, I'm not going out tomorrow. Maybe out with my family for dinner. It's kinda like a tradition to go have dinner some place nice when someone in the family having a birthday.
My wish for birthday?
Well, not gonna tell you ^__^
I want Chopper. in this cute thing in the picture =P
I wonder where I can get a One Piece shirt. I have a huge size and small size of One Piece puzzle in my room...but I kinda want a nice One Piece t-shirt. I wonder where I can get one in Malaysia.
*photo from Google Images

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