Thursday, April 14, 2011


Morning everyone.
I'm in my room doing nothing except typing this of course.
PMS is kicking annoying =_=
Anyway, I spent a lot of time watching One Piece lately.
I really like it. No matter how depressed I am, One Piece can make me laugh episodes after episodes without fail ^_^
Not only is it funny but I also enjoy watching the unique friendship among them.
I kinda like how they will always be there for each other no matter how much that person screws up.
Another thing I like is Luffy's stupidity. LOL. He can really make you laugh, but when he's being serious, it's like a whole different side of him and you'll still like it.
I can't believe One Piece is 10 years now. And it's still going...I wonder when will the writer decides to end it.
I'm going to watch it some more maybe later tonight.
I'm at episode 234 going to 235 out of 350 episodes that I downloaded.
Maybe I should start looking for episode 351 and above soon because it'll take a long time to download.
Well, gtg now. Later~
*a print screen picture that I took while watching One Piece

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