Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Three Little Things

I have three things I want to talk about in this post.

I got partial scholarship from UCSI. Which is 50%.
I am indeed very thankful considering how expensive the fees are at UCSI.
I hope I can maintain good results so I can keep the scholarship for 3 years.
Now all I need to figure out is the other half that need to be paid.
I need paid gigs! Why am I not getting any paid gigs? T.T
Well, it doesn't change the fact how thankful I am to receive the scholarship :)

Last week, I bought a One Piece t-shirt through eBay.
It was the first time I bought something online.
The item was delivered to my house this morning.
I was honestly quite surprised.
I thought it will take more than a week...but turn out less than a week.
I am one happy customer =D
This is the t-shirt.

I've been carving for ice creams for a few weeks now.
Not just any ice cream, but with whipped cream, nuts and cherry toppings.
Just now, I had practice with Ken, after the practice, me and Thairy went to Baskin Robins
We bought two scoops ice cream sundae with whipped cream, nuts and cherry toppings!
Haaa~ I am so happy.
Thank you dear! Love you ♥ mwhxx!
*two photos from Tumblr, the t-shirt photo is my own :)

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the scarecrow said...

Cool tshirt! Do you have a UniQlo where you are? They're currently mad on One Piece tshirts for the guys (the women's section is a little lame, really) so it might be an easier option if that's what you're after. No shippping fee! Plus, sure they're guy's t's but oversized tshirts are pretty cute.

Also, Sanji is the man. I was horrified when 4kids replaced his cigarette with a lollipop.