Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wonderful sight

Orlando Bloom and his son, Flynn Bloom.

I found this picture very sweet, I found it in Tumblr.

To see a guy being sweet with a baby.
To see a guy playing with little kids.
To see a guy showing his fatherly side.
Is a really good sight for sore eyes.
I especially love to see when a guy becomes a father, and held his child for the first time.
The look in his face, is just precious.
The woman already felt like a mother nine months before that,
but a guy only sees the baby growing inside the mother and doesn't really, truly feel it until he holds his child for the first time with his own hands, he will truly feel it when the newborn held his finger for the first time, then only he will say; "I'm a dad"
For me, that is very valuable, a moment that no money can give.
I wish someday I will get to see my husband's face when he will hold his first child for the first time. (If I ever get married of course)
Because for me, to see that, is something like a reassurance that the father will take care of the child, protect the child, give a good life to the child, even if it'll cost him his life.

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