Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Comparison...

Hello people.
As most of you might know, I am now studying in UCSI.
I finished diploma in UiTM and now I'm doing my degree in UCSI.
Of course, different institutions have many differences, especially between the public and private ones.
I am honestly much happier learning in UCSI but at the same time much happier hanging out with friends in UiTM. So, in this post...I want to compare between UiTM....and UCSI socially and academically.

First, I want to talk about how Faculty of Music, UiTM is better than School of Music, UCSI. When it comes to social life between these two places, I will definitely choose UiTM. It is basically because I can communicate a lot Malay too. Do you have any idea how tiring it is to speak in English the whole day? It's even worse that the broken English with no sense of grammar like "I got work one, so I can get money a bit la, can buy some thing more easier" like...those kind of grammatical errors sentence...and it's influencing the way I talk. So basically socially...UCSI can kill my ability to speak in proper English. Another reason why I like hanging out in UiTM better is because I can understand the conversation. Like, in UCSI...I sat in a table of Mandarin speaking group of people and it makes me look like I am as clueless as I could ever possibly be. Not to forget the fact that it makes me feel like an outcast, it's not so bad if it is not a regular thing...but to be dealing with it 5 days a insanely making me feel lonely. Also, I can't really have any good, deep, thoughtful conversation with students in least not yet. I can talk about many aspects about life, economy, Malaysians' perception towards music, music education, orchestra playing...those kind of topics with people like Thairy, Wan and Azam. I can't have that kind of conversation in UCSI, it's either they don't know anything about it or they are just not interested or they just don't know me that well to start talking about it yet. I mean...I only known them for 3 weeks, I need more time to actually get to know these people. It's not easy to get them to talk English to me for a long period of time. I usually manage to get them talk in English like...for 5 to 10 minutes before they are back talking in Mandarin. So, yeah...I miss my UiTM friends.

Now...I am going to talk how School of Music, UCSI is better than Faculty of Music, UiTM. In terms of academic...UiTM is no match for UCSI. The music education provide in UCSI is definitely better and tougher. The lecturers pretty much took master abroad and they KNOW HOW to teach instead of reading straight from the text book. They barely use it, they make their own slideshow...yes...THEY MAKE SLIDES...THEY PUT SOME EFFORTS TO ACTUALLY OPEN POWER POINT AND MAKE SLIDES FOR THE STUDENTS!! And...I do understand what they teach...without having the need to ask the person next to me what the lecture is about. Even better...I don't feel sleepy learning history! I actually enjoy it instead of dreading for the class to be over. It's amazing! In UiTM...I hate UCSI...I think history is actually fun! And you probably think, "owh, just because they took master or phD abroad doesn't mean they can perform", right? I'm sure a few people will thought that. Well, guess what? Lecturers there give recitals for students to watch. I'm going to watch my history lecturer perform on a piano duo recital with a pianist from Thailand next week. So basically...we can see how well the lecturers can teach AND perform. It's kinda like one lecturer per recital. So basically, it's a recital specifically for that lecturer. Everyone will get their turn eventually. If not this semester then the next one. Also, there is this chamber class...which is also nice. I watched a vocal student perform in class...and for the first time I hear a vocal student sing...and I almost cried because it was so lovely. Well, she's a senior and I bet she will be graduating soon...but still, it was so good and I totally get the expressions and I frowned when she frowned and I smiled when she was so good, and when the lecturer ask to do certain things it really open up your mind on how important it is to emphasize something CORRECTLY. Overall, academically...UCSI is better. In almost every ways.

Well...there's more. But I decided not to type too much =P I should rest. I'm working tomorrow morning. Maybe for those who know me in person, we can talk more if we can hang out :) Bye everyone. Goodnight :)

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Ahmad Aliff Yusof said...

UiTM? Since when that place is a good place to study? HAHAHAHAHA. Only untalented people who lazy-to-read and lazy-to-practice who paid accompaniment for RM15 per song???edit: piece(and whined about it to their whole village)think that UiTM is the best place for Malays to study. Fie on it.

Wani said...

Haha. In MPYO camp we shall gossip about it during a few rounds of Monopoly Deal. It will be a fun topic :)

JiunnTan said...

ohhh...just get to read his post..
damn true bout UCSI:DDD <3dr cheong hehe

so sorry's that how we're so used to our mother tongue.i'm so fine to speak in Malay!but u'd be tired talking to me,probably lol 'cause mine is kindda broken

well hell sure i wanna know more!but as if u know so much more than us so haha maybe it'd bother u to explain stuff..we miss u at school!;p

Wani said...

haha. you don't have to speak to me in Malay if you don't want to. You can just talk to me in English. But it's ok la, it's understandable. I mean, if you end up to be the only Chinese in a group of Malays you will find that everyone will speak in Malay as well...the only difference is that you can understand what we said. Hahaha. But it's ok la, I'll survive :p