Thursday, June 09, 2011

MPYO June Camp

Yesterday night was MPYO concert.
I personally think the rehearsal was better than the actual concert, too bad.
But can't really blame anyone, what happened was the unexpected, we are all human beings after all, people make mistakes, at least nothing disastrous happened.
Well, it might not be among the best concerts of MPYO, but it was my first concert as a 1st violinist in the orchestra :)
I admit I was a bit nervous, but I am thankful to be given a chance to play 1st violin.

My UCSI buddies came! I'm glad they came, I really do. Sadly, we weren't fortunate enough to be taking pictures together. Maybe next time.
I didn't take much pictures anyway, I upload only two. Which are...

Me, Wan and Azam :)

and also us ♥

Next concert is probably OSR tour to Terengganu...but I'm not really sure if I can play.
I want to...but there are things that I need to consider which just make me having difficulties deciding...
I kinda want to Wan said..."I need a holiday"
since I am too busy to go for a holiday, why not use an orchestra performance in a different state as an opportunity, right? I said, there are things to consider...I guess we'll see how it turns out in the future :)

Well, I gotta go now, I have some works to finish.
Bye people~♥


JiunnTan said...


Raveneye said...

wani, a small comment, maybe you should change your hairstyle. sebab kau lepas rambut, why not kau buat style sikit. actually aku suka salah satu gambar kau (dah lama punya gambar masa diploma part 2 dulu), yang kau promote air livita. haa, yang tu sesuai degan muka kau... siyes aku cakap, cantik kowt....... :D

Wani said...

yg mana eh? tak igt la ;(
tp tu la...aku perasan aku kalu ikat rambut nampak tembam gila...aku nk buat style mcm dlm buku hairstyles ssh gak, sbb rambut aku sng, last2...lepas rambut pakai cekak je :(

Raveneye said...

where u want me to post ur pic?

Wani said...


Raveneye said...

okie.... ODW.... ^___^