Friday, June 10, 2011

New Thoughts on Little Things in Life :)

Truth is, my true self is not really what I call a well-accepted attitude among people.
People tend to dislike me for me being me.
Because I tend to speak in a straight-forward manner, and in Malaysian culture, especially Malay, people tend to speak indirectly.
So basically when I speak too directly, people will say either I'm a snob and like to brag or I'm just rude.
I used to think that it sucks that people can't accept me for me.
But now, I actually think it is kind of cool.
Why? a way...I manage to attract people's attention without trying.
Even though the attention leads to hatred, but still, in a way, my personality manage to caught enough attention to actually make them dislike me.
You probably wondering that I am not making any sense, right?
Well, to know without trying and not paying attention to the surroundings, and still manage to earn a stalker online that reporting my every moves might be kinda irritating in a way, but I still think it's awesome. Because stalker usually don't really have a life and love to bug people secretly...which kind of make them interested in knowing what we do so they can have their gossiping session with their "community" and talk crap and trash about us (the innocent people who just mind our own business).
So in a way...they are interested. Which is the reason why I think it is cool :) And honestly I feel admired...I know it's weird, but I do feel admired, haha!
Well, I don't know who's the stalker, but I know he or she is out there...and honestly speaking, I don't even want to know the identity of the stalker, coz where's the fun when you know the identity, right? Besides, the stalker might be a friend that I enjoy talking with, so, I don't want to ruin another friendship. So, I think I'll just let him or her secretly admire me and report my every moves, IT IS AWESOME! I FEEL SO AWESOME NOW!!! IT'S LIKE I'M THE COOLEST BAD ASS GIRL!! well, I know I'm not, I mean, I literally not doing anything illegal, but I do feel that way, hihi :P

Well, gotta go now people! Keep stalking...but keep it within boundaries, aite? I'm sure you're a smart stalker, my stalker must be a cool person too, coz I'm cool!! ;)

*photos from Tumblr

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