Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pit Stop =P

The MPO concert that I went on June 19...it was not really what I expect. So, it was a bit frustrating in a way, and for the MPO...ensemble wise was kinda lousy that day during the Tchaikovsky, but I don't blame them coz the soloist was kinda hard to follow and the conductor is not clear enough. I mean, even if you wanna be all musical, you still have to make sure your musicians understand what you do, right? But, both the soloist and conductor are still young, they will have time to gain more experience :)

* * *

Just now I went to watch MPO Chamber Concerts.
It was a nice concert, simple and nice :)
Here is the picture of us after the concert.

* * *

I bought two tickets to Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) on August 10.
There will be two days of performance with different repertoire on each day.
I'm going to the 2nd day because all of the songs are literally my favourite.
There will be playing Prokofiev's Symphony No.1, Saint-Saens' Introduction to Rondo and Capriccio, Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy and my favourite symphony, Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.4.
Can't wait!!

* * *

Just now I went shopping...oh my God...I am becoming a shopaholic, I need to control myself! >.<

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