Friday, June 24, 2011

the story of Kopak and Sepit

Just now, when I came back from uni...I learned that there were 3 cats got themselves stuck at the back of my parent's huge, tall cupboard.
All this because the mother wanted to move her kids...I don't know how she got both of them stuck at the back there. Either she fell with one of the kittens and the other jumped in too out of one knows.
But anyway, I had to damage my parents' cupboard by making a hole so they can get out.
After the mother got out...I had trouble getting the kittens.
They were not moving, I thought they were dead...
But here they are...traumatic...and safe :)

Because of this incident, and to remember the incident...
I named the kittens Kopak and Sepit.
The one with white face is called Kopak and the one with black face is called Sepit.
How do I explain what "kopak" means in English...well, you know the hole that I made at the cupboard? Well, we kinda call it "kopak" while "sepit" simply means stuck. Hahaha~


JiunnTan said...

hahaha.cute names
found em funny after reading what happened..
i'm having a kitten too!just two months ago we found him new born,abandon in an alley

where's papa cat?

Wani said...

We don't really knw who's the papa. hahaha~ Naughty mama =P

Siti Safiah said...

kopak n sepit..hmm..sdp nama..hehe

Wani said...