Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travelling with Music~

Tomorrow morning I am going to Terengganu.
There will be a performance by Orkestra Simfoni Remaja (OSR).
I hope it will be fun.
I can't guarantee that I will take plenty of photos...but I'm sure I will take some :)

* * *

This week is like, moments of receiving your mid term marks.
So depressing...I never aim to be the highest in the class, but I do aim to NOT be the weakest one. So far so good...
But it's really hard for me to score high marks...I always study at the very last minute. Hahaha~
A habit of mine since school days. Haihz~
But for someone who always study like...two days before exam...I did quite okay. Hahaha!
Especially history!! I wonder how much will I get if I actually come to exam well prepared...

*photos from Tumblr


JiunnTan said...

damn,it's alrd an A!if u get prepared sure A++
jealous! ;p

JiunnTan said...

oh btw all the best tmr! ;)

Wani said...

haha. I considered myself to be lucky. I'm sure you can score to if you do it right for your 2nd quiz n final.

and thanks :)