Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busy first or later?

In a blink of an eye, it's almost the end of my first semester in UCSI,
my 2nd semester will start in September, after Raya holiday most probably.
Now the course selection for next semester starts.
It'll be a short semester (two months only), so not many subjects are offered in the short semester.
I didn't take my Major instrument because I have my private teacher, and the fee for Major instrument in the short semester is actually pretty expensive.
I'm going to take a few written subjects...which might make me really busy next semester,
I'm not sure if Dr.Jeff will approve.
But after my time in UiTM, I am used to going to class non stop until there's literally no breaks for lunch/dinner. I've been there.
I've been in a semester where I need to write academic writing for more than one subject. I've been there.
So, in a way, I know what's coming.
The only thing that I might not be prepared of is the 2 months duration for the whole thing.
But somehow, my heart tells me to just go for it.
It's better to get myself busy I can have more time later, right?
Hurmm...well, it is still up to Dr.Jeff either to approve it or not, we'll see...

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