Sunday, July 31, 2011

here comes

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Yesterday, I watched a concert at KLPac.
Composers Series concert by the Faculty of Music, UiTM.
It features a lot of new compositions by Malaysian composers.
Well, some of the compositions are nice, and some are just...not my cup of tea.
One thing though...musicians of UiTM symphony orchestra (which are the music students), PLEASE LEARN HOW TO TUNE YOUR BLOODY INSTRUMENT!!
When during tuning session before the concert starts, when you hear the "A" from the oboe, you are suppose to tune your instrument to that A...not just play along by blowing A and then stop and feel happy because you just show to the audience that you can play the note A.

Well, there's suppose to be another performance today, it's over already. Thairy performed. I wish I could go, I really do. But I was working T-T
It's not easy for me to be the audience and watch him perform, how frustrating :(

Well...there's nothing I can do about it...
To all Muslims...
fasting month of Ramadhan will start tomorrow...
Happy Ramadhan everyone :)
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Siti Safiah said...

salam ramadhan wani..:)