Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nicest Possible Way

Kinda annoying, that the July 9 event is over and people are still fussing over it instead of doing something about it.
Nothing but trouble. That is still how I look at it.
I am not saying the reason of the "yellow" people to fight is wrong...and I am not saying that the other people are right either.
I just don't like the way it is being handled.
I mean, I bet a lot of us seen rallies from the news before, thank goodness it was not as bad as that...but still, the damage is something that should have been avoidable.
I know, those who support Bersih will say "if the government listen in the first place it won't come to this, so it's their fault"
and I know also that those who are anti-Bersih will say "look at all the damage they have cost, some bunch of mindless, selfish people"

So, who is right and who is wrong?
Who wins and who lose?
Considering a lot of my MPYO friends are pro-Bersih and a lot of my UiTM friends are anti-Bersih...and I hate both side also...by saying the way they solve this problem is so stupid, I kinda able to feel the heat already. I bet things won't be the same...considering not everyone is as professional as they claim to be...so, I'm not surprise if I'm getting some words behind my back.

But...I can say this to them and they can say this to me also...
"Fuck what people think..."
*photo taken from Tumblr

And, I can't believe some pro-Bersih people are actually proud of the event...
That it made it to international headlines, that a lot of people were injured, one person died, all the trouble it cost to people in and near KL area...I can't believe they are actually proud over something like that and say it was a success? Oh my God...how much more mindless can they be? There is NOTHING...absolutely NOTHING to be proud of over something like this. Regardless of how noble the purpose they are doing this...but when it involves violence...that is what I call STUPID.

And, I also can't believe that some anti-Bersih people are happy by saying that the police did a good job at keeping peace. KEEPING PEACE? KEEPING PEACE?? I don't know if they are ignorant or just dumb...but I don't see any sense of "peace" exist during that event. There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to be happy about. Roadblocks were every where! NOTHING to be happy or proud of.

This whole thing is NOTHING BUT TROUBLE.

So, if leaders of Bersih said their so-called "non-violence-involve" rally was a success and the police think that their so-called "act-of-keeping-peace" rally was a success...then who is the losers?
Who is suffering over the damages?
Who's family member just passed away?
Who's injured?
Those people are the one who is suffering over their so-called "noble" rally.

And in the end...does both pro and anti people get what they wanted in the first place?

That's why I just REFUSE and NOT INTERESTED to be part of any side. Not because I am scared...but because I know...the way it is being handle is just a diversion of attacking each other by using their "noble" reason as a shield to cover up their real acts. If I am to choose a side, try to do it in a REALLY noble way...which doesn't involves violence, requires a HUGE and TREMENDOUS amount of patience and faith. Then I might be interested to believe that this "noble" act REALLY IS noble.

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