Saturday, July 09, 2011

So long...farewell~♥

Since it's already past midnight, I suppose it is yesterday, when most Malaysians are busy pointing fingers blaming that side and that side (which is very common =.=")
Me and a few other OSR members decided to do something even better...
Regardless of the traffic caused by the nothing-but-trouble rally, we all decided to NOT let that be a reason to NOT have a farewell party for Liu Yi who is leaving to further her study this coming Monday.
We went to The Curve.
Ate at TGI Friday.

Group photo, some already went back though ;(

Me and Thairy. (These two pictures are from Dahlia's camera)

Me and Liu Yi. I am going to miss all your craziness and I am going to miss your ever enthusiastic "Hello, Wani!"
Gonna miss having you as a desk partner. Gonna miss going shopping with you.
Hope we can still see each other in the future. It might not be as often as it used to be, but I hope we can still have the chance to keep on seeing each other.
I hope you like your "belated" birthday present. It's not much, nothing fancy, but it's what I can think of.
Take care, beloved desk partner!
xoxo, Wani :)

Liu Yi and Dania.
And also my drinks :p

Me, Liu Yi and Thairy. Poor Thairy need to carry this heavy girl.

Some random picture that I took :)

What me and Thairy had at TGIF

I guess that is all for now.

So long, farewell,
To you my friend...
Goodbye...for now...
Until we meet again :)

Taken from a song...from some kid's show :p


Anonymous said...

Your picture with Thairy is cute!! You both don't look alike until you guys smile.. Symbolizing a lot of mutual understanding due to lots of exchange in "facial-expression repertoire" :)


Wani said...

"facial-expression repertoire" hahaha. thanks azam ;)