Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hair Braids

Okay...I actually love hair braids, especially the cool looking ones.
So, today, I just wasted many hours learning how to do braids.
And I wanna show you some of the braids I did, it's not perfect, coz each of the braids I tried only a few times, a couple were at the first try :p
It might not be so obvious coz of the colour of my hair...but here goes.

This is a fishtail braid.
It's kinda messy...I am having trouble crossing the hair neatly :-/

This is actually a 4 strands braid...but since my hair is not long enough, it looks like a rope braid instead. And's also very messy. This is at my first try actually :p

Then...I learned how to do the waterfall braids...
I gotta admit...this is the trickiest one to do.
To be able to do a waterfall braids, you must know how to do French braid...
since I don't know how to do French took a little longer for me to learn coz I need to understand how French braid, this is my very first try on French braid.

And from the French braid, I struggled and tried to do the waterfall braid.
After few attempts...this is the closest one I can get to a waterfall braid.

Another close-up of my waterfall braid.
What do you think for a beginner? Haha...

I still need to get use to the movement of the hair while doing it...
I'm sure it'll be easier once I got the hang of it.
Owh, btw, all the braids (except Waterfall braid), I learn it from one video...
It's very helpful for me to learn. Here is the video in case you are interested in learning some braid styles ^_^



goddesspetals said...

sgt style! :)

Wani said...

Hihihi. lenguh tangan!! Main violin pown xde la sakit cmni.