Friday, August 12, 2011

the sequel of Random

Have you ever been in a state of mind where you just get confused between what you want, what you need, the right and the wrong?
Have you ever think of why it happened?
Maybe you noticed something that is not yours, but you already have your own, and somehow you become like a child and is more interested in that thing that's not yours?
You keep telling yourself you like what you have but somehow there's a thin voice within you telling you that you're in denial?
And sometimes it's temporary and you manage to ignore it but then suddenly it just come back haunting you and it just really annoys you?
Yeah...I don't know what I'm saying either. Hahaha~

* * *

do you have a secret that no one knows?
and when I say no one...I literally mean not a single soul knows about it...
do you? it's not like you don't want people to know, in fact, it's not really that serious...
but somehow you know the consequence that you have to face if it gets out of hand can bring a serious damage...
woww...i just made it sound so serious =P

* * *

well, this is actually one of my random post...
i just feel like updating...but i don't really have any words of wisdom to create a wonderful post.
exam is over! i hope i did good.
i mean...i'm pretty confident that i can pass all subjects...i hope i cn pass with flying colours :)

* * *

enough with the random thoughts already.
i gotta go now...
i am temporarily at peace. haha~

*photos from Tumblr

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