Thursday, August 11, 2011

I think...

You know, ever since Ramdhan started, when I opened Tumblr to reblog some photos.
I ended up reblogging tons of pictures of food. HAHA!
It's yummy! Wish I have some kind of device that can take food from the internet and it'll turn real...haihz~

Okayyy...enough with the drooling already...
Yesterday AYO concert...I won't say the orchestra was superb because I feel it was a little bit too safe...but the violinist...the solo
The Carmen Fantasy was jaw dropping!!
The Introduction to Rondo Capriccio by Saint-Seans was mesmerizing too.
He is just wonderful.
He's very expressive, he's intonation's like his violin was on auto-tune or something!!
And for encore he played Chopin's Nocturne in C# was so beautiful...I could cry...
When I was eyes were totally glued to him and him alone...
I wish I can watch him perform live everyday...
He's amazing, I'm in love with his playing ♥.♥,

*all photos from Tumblr

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