Saturday, August 06, 2011

They Don't Care

Do you remember the song by the late Micheal Jackson called "The Don't Care About Us"?

I actually like that song, it really speaks out about the truth.
Especially in the politic sides of not just one country, but almost each and every one of them.
Who cares about us, the citizen?
The government? They just want our money, but their system still not up to the standard where we can be satisfied about.
The politicians who claims for equal rights? Their main intention was to bring down the government...NOT to help the citizen.
They NEED us for their benefits, they NEED us for our money...they NEED us so when they want to do illegal rally, hundreds and thousands will show up but they DON'T CARE about us.
If they CARE about us, they will make sure our living in this country won't be much of a burden, if they CARE, they will make sure no one will get hurt because THEY KNOW what's coming but they still do it anyway.
So, in the end, who care about us?
How can we unite when we can't even respect each other anymore?
How can we unite when we can't tolerate with others?
How can we unite when all we want to do is being racist?
How can we unite when all we think about are the bad things of other community?
What is happening to the world as we speak?
Why is there violence everywhere?
Is this the end of the civilized life as we know it?
Or is this considered as "civilized" now? A world with no respect...
The earth is dying...and all we ever do is making it worst instead of healing...
Wake up! Wake up from all these delusions created by "the people"...
Put aside the wealth, the standard, the religion, the race, the ethnic...we are all human the end...that's what really matters, humanity.


Semaj said...

This is one of those songs from MJ's later career that I enjoyed.

Spike Lee directed this video. Lee left in the portion where the woman grabs him and hugs him. That wasn't supposed to happen.

Anonymous said...

easier to said than done.
it happens the same in Dr. Mahathir's era.
everyone thinks that he was a tyrant.
in the end, everybody appreciate him as the best leader ever.
its the same with these people nowadays.
u always think that u didnt get enough from the government.
have u given enough to them?
think first before saying.
however bad our leaders are, we as muslims must respect them.
if u hadnt seen the whole truth, i suggest u better not pointing or judging them like u know everything about the government.
its a way of fitna, u know. and also in this fasting season...
try to see the good side of others.
if you fail, well, its a shame thing.
if what u wrote in your current post is your personal opinion, then my comment goes on the way.
if not, treat this as a way of a reminder.
a muslim’s reminders to his brothers.....

Wani said...

Well, it's not really fitnah or whatever. I do see from both the good and bad sides. But for me, the bad sides are things that should've been able to be manage. The reason why I said they only want our money is because the tax is so fucking high, and yet the roads are still in a bad condition, our education system sucks, our public transportation sucks as well, traffic lights still not working, rich people bribe a lot...and FYI, I am referring to the world as well, so in a way, YOU should think before you write as well and open up your mind GLOBALLY instead of focusing on Malaysia alone. This has nothing to do with religion, this is about people getting greedy over personal things and how it affecting the lives of other people and also the world. if what you commented is your personal opinion, then my reply goes on the way, if not, treat this as a way of a reminder, a muslim's reminders to another muslim.

thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

haha nice self-defence.
i like one of the last statements, it is quite similarly to mine, haha.
u said that u see from all the sides.
the goods and the bads.
however, maybe not in this post, i see nothing good mentioned by u.
or maybe i was overlooked? oh, sorry....
but to think from the beginning, it is the people themselves who choose their leaders.
so, if u think things are getting worse, go to the root of problem.
MY opinion is, it was at the moment of choosing a leader.
whether they are area leaders, city leaders or country leader, it all calls in.
politically, everyone is at fault.
just imagine what u can do IF u are somebody that can do anything to solve those problems u stated.
specifically stating, a minister of something-something.
u can?
then i think u better be a politician.
but if u cannot or barely can, i dont think ANYBODY would appreciate somebody that only throws out PROBLEMS without any SOLUTIONS.
well, who know when u are at the top of the pyramid (when, of course, u think that u are capable to be a minister), malaysia might transform into a 1st world country in just 2 years from a still-developing country?
but of course this is just an opinion in just A blog, nothing much.
but people might seen your suggestions.
and who knows they are somewhat close to the politicians?
yes, my mind opens up for GLOBALLY too.... as suggested, haha.....
u feel that u are oppressed?
well, think again with your life and what u have.
other people get less than u got.
dont be an ungrateful person.
oh, another reminder....
and yes, EVERYTHING links back to religion, if u are still a muslim....
oh please, no offence.
i just said 'if', i don’t intend to judge u.
we as a muslim must accept that Islam is a WAY OF LIFE.
life at work or when praying, it all based on THE religion.
when u divide it, then a part of your religion is damaging.
before that, it is fasting season.
please hold your tongue.
oh, im sorry, it was typed.
then, please hold your hands, if not your feelings....

Wani said...

well, dirty or not, it is the way i typed, doesn't matter Ramadhan or not, the way I type or say things doesn't determined if I am a bad or good person, at least i'm just being me, if you don't like it, not really my problem, right? again, just because i write only the bad things in this post, doesn't mean i don't see the good things in it. just because someone passed an exam successfully doesn't mean he/she didn't cheat, just because someone drove and accidentally hit someone, doesn't mean that it's the driver's fault. basically, just because something doesn't appear the way it is to you, doesn't make it what you assume it to be.
yes, the people choose the leader, but is it, or is it just how it appears to be to the people? you never know, i never know, no one knows accept a few people in the politic side, and of course God. even if they were chosen by the people, well, people change when they have power and money etc., if you wanna involve religion, fine, regardless of what religion that person is...once that happen, that damage the religion too, ain't it? what make you think all politicians are noble? just because it is not written on a document, we can clearly see the corruption that's going on in the ministry, maybe not to all...but it happens and it affect the life of the citizens, if you can't see it, read the newspaper, watch the news, it's there, everyday. i might not have what it takes to become a qualified politicians, but i am not stupid not to notice the corruption that's going on. Mahathir's time is over, no matter how much people bring that up, it's not going to do anything if the current situation is not fix. not to Malaysia alone, politics are pretty much corrupted everywhere. Probably no one can find an effective solutions for it, but at least some of them manage to still develop the country. i'm not hoping for an extremely successful country, at least not yet, but at least with a more decent system, especially on education side. and as for solutions? read the post carefully, it's there. if you can't see it, then try to learn how to read these kind of post properly. this is not a straightforward post, it's not even about politics to begin with, i involve politics only as an example. if you interpret it correctly probably we won't even be having these conversations. like i said, don't assume things that doesn't seem to appear in the way you want. i am not going to judge you or create a conclusion out of what you think, because I don't put my assumption too openly in public, because, assumptions are just...something that we "assume" to be because that's how it appears to us, but usually it is not always like that. so, maybe you can do the same. try to read the post carefully and try to understand it before you commenting again. if you still don't get it, watch both of the music videos, it is there for a help someone like you understand it easier.