Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I dunno about you, but this looks yummy
I wonder if I can find it in Malaysia, even if I can, I wonder how much will it cost :-/

*taken from Tumblr

This kinda make me wish to eat ice cream...
Ice cream for buka puasa?
That'll be a good desert don't you think so? Haha
Going to watch AYO concert tomorrow, nice program, can't wait ^_^
I have exam anyway before that,
ahh~ nothing better than watching a good concert with friends after a stressful exam day :)


Zakian Sulhi said...

this looks home made wani. i saw one of these on tumblr jugak. tp the one i saw uses raspberries and lychee. nampak mcm sedap!!

Wani said...

jom cuba buat? mesti best :))