Sunday, September 04, 2011

As the day goes by

Hello people.
How's holiday?
Mine...well, not really that interesting.
Raya not as fun as it used to be. Basically the fun now has been passed down to the new generations. Most of us are all grown ups. It's the kids' turn to have their fun at it.
Most of my cousins that grew up together with me are basically married and already with kid(s), and the youngest among them are having SPM this year.
As for Raya money, I still keep 'em coming. Haha.
I'm not expecting to get much, but at least the amount that I get is enough for me to buy a brand new PSP Go. Which I will buy. I just ordered from my brother. Heee~♥
Here's the family picture. Without my eldest sister since she's in Scotland.
I am the only unmarried child in the family...great...
Raya is over for me...yesterday and today was MPYO rehearsals. More to come throughout this month. The concert will be on October 1, at 3pm located at DFP. Do come!! ^_^

Tomorrow is the start of new semester at UCSI.
My gosh~~ I have 8am class every day except Friday. I'm doomed T-T
Well, I gotta go now. Bye bye~♥♥

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