Monday, September 26, 2011


Hi people!
I'm back...I'm not entirely free. I mean, there's still lots of things coming, but I just feel like updating.

This week is MPYO concert, if you are free this coming Saturday at drop by DFP and watch the concert.

Last Friday, I had my midterm exam, Music History exam.
I gotta say...I am not well prepared. I studied...literally ONE bloody day and two nights before the exam. As in, I listen to a few listening song in one night and continue to listen to some songs the next day...and at night I spent it by reading some simple notes. I was working that night before the exam with Po Ann for scholarship hours, there was a piano recital by Julie Bees...and we practically studied and watch the concert at the same time. Haha...well, at least Po Ann was more focused on the notes while me...are more focused on the performance. Hahaha.

Well, the exam was not so bad. My result is 53.5/60. I call it the 24++ result! Hahaha, ain't bad for a last minute study, right? Hahaha ^__^

Anyway, last weekends, as in Saturday and Sunday, I had MPYO rehearsals, so far so come! ^_^

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday, I bought two pairs of shoes....

One is from Fit Flop...I always wanted to own this...I wanted the dark gray, but there was no size :( So I bought the black one instead...

And also this one...just coz it's cute and when I tried it on, it's so comfortable!!

Well...that's it so far...I gotta go. Bye bye people!! :)


JiunnTan said...

caught this purple pair at the recital hall tonight,looks good!

Wani said...