Saturday, October 01, 2011


I bought a stick that people use to make a chopstick bun at hair accessory shop yesterday.
It was only rm2, and it looks like magic wand...which attracts me. Hahaha~
And frankly speaking...I don't even know how to do a chopstick bun =P
So, I learned how to do it...and I found out two ways of doing it.

Sorry, my hair a bit messy, I didn't pull up my hair properly.

And this one...

It's pretty cool.
But one down side of this chopstick bun is that it made me look like a grandmother. Hahaha...but it really holds up your hair nicely :p


sal said...

chopstick bun is preety cool....but chopstick never holds my bun:(

Wani said...

haha. it holds mine pretty nicely. but then, it made me look older...probably it's because of my eye bags and my stubborn baby hair that keep sticking out.