Saturday, October 29, 2011


Last night, I watched a concert by Malaysia's Traditional Orchestra, more known as Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia (OTM).
The concert was one of a kind. The combination of Malay, Chinese and Indian traditional instrument create a unique texture.
I hope OTM will perform more, they deserve more exposure...the young generations need to watch this kind of concert and just appreciate the value of traditional instrument.

Thairy played in the orchestra last night, I came to support him...and the concert was nice.

And for some reason...I have some problem with always la kan...
For some who don't know me, I am a very shy person...and I am not friendly at all. I am usually the one that doesn't talk much in a group. And usually this will be mistaken as an act of snobbery.
Like, yesterday...after concert, there's this group of people that want to take a group photo. I know them briefly...I don't know some of them, but I know the other half of them briefly, but I never really talk or hangout with them. So, when I'm with someone I'm not use to...I don't just jump into a group photo uninvited...I'm just that shy.
Thairy jumped in, he knows them better anyway...he asked me to join in but I didn't...I just stay out of the frame. was kinda full anyway and I just don't know where to squeeze myself in. So, when he asked "Why didn't u joined?" and I just replied "it was full"....and he made faces and said "forget it". I swear I feel so bad, and that emotion last throughout the night...even until I woke up this morning...but it's just who I am, I'm not cool, I'm not's the reason why I am never among the popular's the reason why I am never among the cool people...I can't just change personality like switching the on/off button, I need longer time.
Thairy will go back to Sabah today...not going to see him until December, and I'll be going to Bali next week, if I can't get internet access...then I won't be able to be in touch with him at all for 3 weeks.
what to do...I have a lot of....attitude problems that comes from my low level of self-esteem.
Sorry sayang....have a safe journey back to Sabah ♥

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