Monday, October 24, 2011

Hell of a Ride~

See this lady in this picture, yup...she played for a wedding gig last night and it was her first ever solo performance playing entirely by heart...AND...solo improvising for AT LEAST three different songs with one of it being the main agenda of the entire wedding...having a versus improvise with the saxophonist.

It was indeed a bizarre experience for her. She knew she didn't do so well in the improvising since she just played what she can, but not really in the groove of the song.
But, she did her best...and people enjoyed it, and it's a good experience.
Not sure if she wants to do it again, but at least now she knows that she can do it :-)

And she is also glad to get the chance of working with some really cool and talented musicians.
Hope she will get the chance to work in another "by heart" gig (hopefully without improvising too much) somewhere in the future :)

Hopefully the newly weds, Hafiz and Shereen, will live happily ever after till the end of time ^_^