Friday, November 25, 2011

HiHuHiHu (Part 2)

Forgot to mention in the previous post of my shopping habits. Haha
I bought lots of things...but some of things that are special are these things, special as in expensive. Haha =P

I bought a Hard Rock pin for my violin case...
it's Rp175,000...which is in Malaysian Ringgit is somewhere near RM50.

Okay, this is NOT expensive at all...but it IS very special.
The fact that I can get a hand made key chain with our names on it is just cool. And it cost me less than RM2. I made it for Thairy :)

I also bought a Hard Rock t-shirt for myself.
It cost almost RM100.
I know it doesn't look "rock" and look more like "hippie"...
But I like it coz it's "hippie" looking shirt and colourful. Haha...
I like rock music, but I'm not completely into the fashion side, some of it I might like, but overall...I can be a bit hippie. Hahaha =P

And see that notebook that I'm holding in my hand.
Well, it's almost like a journal.
I bought in Safari & Marine Park
It's about Rp70,000...which is more or less RM20.

Obviously this is not all...I bought a Hard Rock t-shirt for Thairy as well, now his t-shirt is very "rock" looking. Hahaha.
But since I haven't give it to him yet coz he's still in Sabah, I'm not going to post a picture of it nor am I going to mention the price.

I bought bags for me, one for Kak Zam, and one for Ms. Lina and Ms. Joey.
I gave to Ms.Lina and Ms.Joey yesterday. I bought one for each of them coz I will never be able to complete my scholarship hours without them last semester :)
Then I have 2 dresses, some other souvenirs for other people. Many other stuff...

Well...this is it so far. Gotta go. Bye bye~~


JiunnTan said...

aw man,
music experience somemore shopping spree!hahah

Wani said...

hahahaha. my money flying away so freely =P

Recomandari said...

very nice pictures, congrats