Thursday, November 24, 2011


Sorry I didn't update for quite sometime...
Just that there's so many things to talk about but I just don't know where to start :-P
Bali has been such an interesting, exhausting and wonderful experience for me.
Meeting new people all around ASEAN and Russia.
Seeing the wonderful Bali.
Had my best lunch and dinner in one in, not just the food, but also the nice view that we get to enjoy while eating such delicious food.

Maybe I can show you in pictures...

The joy of meeting new people :)

*this is my desk partner

And not to forget the beauty of Bali.
It took my breath away with it's nature.
So beautiful.
There are tons more pictures with more lovely view, but these are among that at the top of the folder, haha :p


*the first four pictures are taken from friends at facebook. the last four pictures are my own :)*

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