Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Counting to 2012 - the negative

There's always something bad happen every year, right?
Well, I had my rough times in 2011.
One of it will be the time when I didn't get accepted to conservatory.
It was pretty painful, knowing that everyone already think I'm a loser for wanting to be a musician and the fact that I didn't get in made a lot of people think I am a lot more of a loser than they thought I am.
But, it's in the past, and I prefer not to let it bring me down :)

What else?
Oh yes...I know I have some bunch of stalkers that always report whatever I'm doing in Facebook or even here in my blog that seemed to be related to whatever they are spying on to specific someone that I'm sure THAT stalker might read this and then go tell to whomever they are serving. Pathetic, right? Well, what to do...great and awesome people always come with haters. Heee~♥♥
and that "stalker" discovery whom identity I have no interest in finding out coz it's not worth the space of memory in my precious brain...also lead me to another...not bad, not terrible, not sad either...more like an incident that drag me into a narrow path of stupidity and immaturity which I find very funny, pointless and an utter waste of my time.
But hey, at least I faced it rather than running away from it. I hope my closing statement of that incident put an end to that narrow path...period!!

And then there are some minor negative incident that happened throughout the year...
Ouwh, another thing just came to my mind...
My general opinions that always get mistaken by someone as a personal attack and they start attacking me based on pointless accusation.
Yeah...those good ol' days. Hahaha!
I can't guarantee you that it won't happen again.
It just might.
But that's what happen when there are a lot of narrow minded people on this earth.
I respect other people's opinion, if you don't agree with my opinion then fine, by all means you can say "no" to it...BUT DO IT WITHOUT INSULTING MY THOUGHTS.
The worse thing is, they always hide behind the "anonymous" identity. What a coward.
I probably wonder why I leave that "anonymous" option on. I can just turn it off and people can't comment anonymously, right?
Well...not all anonymous comments are from coward.
I don't decide for you to be a coward, you make that decision yourself.
So stop pointing mistakes all around you and start analyzing your own action.

Hurmm...that is all I can think of for now.
Well, gotta go. Bye~~

*photos from Tumblr

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