Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hear ye~

I have something to ask and something to share.

The "something-to-ask" part...
Which one of this hairstyles do you think is more suitable for me?
for the left was my first time using a curling, my curl doesn't look "curly" enough. As for the picture on the right, I just use the straightening iron.
Which one do you think looks good?

As for the "something-to-share"

Yesterday's MPYO concert was da bomb!!
Whoever that didn't come after I invited just let the opportunity to witness a very special, unique, beautiful, amazing concert slipped through your fingers which cost you not more than rm35 or rm15 for students.
There'll be another MPYO concert next week, same price (as stated previously), same time (8.30pm), same day (Friday) and same place (DFP, KLCC). It'll be a fun concert to watch, not as exotic and unique as yesterday's one...but at least it will definitely be fun to watch as we will play songs from movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, James Bond, Les Miserables...and many more.

Well, gotta go now, tomorrow morning is the rehearsal for the part 2 camp...

*Thairy will come back this week! I haven't seen him for over a month, can't wait!!

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