Saturday, December 17, 2011

Life is Pretty ♥

Bought these two books yesterday.
These books have one thing in common, which is I feel like reading the book after watching the movie :p

And I bought new set of strings. I never use Evah before, so thought of giving it a try. I tried Obligato before and people said it's not as nice as Obligato, so, I guess I'll find out :)

And...last but not least.
After more than a month being away from each other...

Life is pretty :)


JiunnTan said...

i haven't watch the movie but the comic's awesomely entertaining!hahaha worth a collection!

sweet pic w the parrots!

Wani said...

the movie is kinda cute. very kiddish.

thanks! ♥♥ The birds were amazing that day :p