Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My oh my

Christmas is just around the corner,
Everyone is excited and age is not the matter.

Everyone making a wishlist,
In hope for gifts they dare not to miss.

Even though Christmas is not my celebration,
But it turns out that I am no exception.

Santa dropped me an early gift at my door,
A gift that I prefer to ignore.

But alas, I can ignore it no longer,
As it caused me trouble and doesn't seem to make me stronger.

It is this in this picture,
The gift that I never wanted now or in the future.

Okay...I can stop speaking in rhymes now.
Haha...I know, I'm sucks at speaking in rhymes.'s true. Oh dear me, I hate spectacles.
The last time I tried to put on a pair of spectacles before, end up with everyone calling me grandma.
And I swore that I don't want to wear it. PERIOD!

But at the same time I'm not a big fan of contact lenses either.
I don't want people calling me grandma, or school principle, or auntie etc.
But it happens EVERY SINGLE BLOODY TIME I try wear one of those glasses.

But I found out that I had a week of non stop migraine last time and the reason is because of my eyes.
So now my mom want me to have one T-T
I guess I have to meditate and prepare myself for the utter humiliation that I will get from people that I know sooner or later.

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