Sunday, January 08, 2012

Going Solo

Today, after I'm done working, I went to KLCC by myself (which practically what the title of this post means).
I wanted to go to Kinokuniya to get some books and buy some other stuff at Body Shop as well.
However, what I'm looking for in Kinokuniya is currently out of stock.
I ended up buying a 2012 weekly planner and two classic novels which surprisingly only cost rm10 each.

Another thing I just want to randomly share.
My student gave me this today ^_^

No...not the LG phone, but the four-leaves clover with a quaver note joint together with it hanging to my phone.
The four-leaves clover represents luck (as we all know it), love, hope and faith.
And I am in need for more them in my life, don't we all? LOL.

I should probably get going now considering I have things to get done by tonight.


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