Monday, January 02, 2012

Kick Start

Yesterday, I was in Shah Alam for the whole day.
I reached there around noon, 1pm something like that.
Went grocery shopping for the house party thing.
Had lunch at his house. Ate Domino's pizza =P
Helped Thairy cooking and the boys (his housemates) helped too...
It was a great day, a great way to start the year ^_^
I was having too much fun that I forgot to take any pictures ;(
These are the only pictures I took yesterday,
of Thairy cooking and the boys "pretending" to be busy. Haha.

We had grilled cheese for starters,
there was also salad that I made :p
main course was the awesome spaghetti that Thairy made.
We had ice-cream with some toppings for desserts.

It was fun ^_^
Then when I got home, in less than 5 minutes the whole neighborhood went blackout.
It was pitch black, I couldn't see a thing...and the torchlight was not working!
So we lit up little candles...I even took bath with nothing but the little candle as my source of light.
I feel asleep in the dark coz I was too tired.
All I know is when I woke up, there's electricity. Hahaha.

Well, this is all I can say for now.
Today is my last day to enjoy the holiday...
coz semester starts tomorrow...
my days of waking up at 5am starts again for another year.
I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry...hahahaha.

Gotta go. Bye~~

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