Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hi. I mentioned about Sereni&Shentel before in my blog.
If you missed it, then it's a brand for headbands.
I've been buying Sereni&Shentel lately, I don't regret it, but I feel bad!! Hahaha
This is my mini collection of Sereni&Shentel so far.

This is a custom made headband,
I don't really design it, but I choose every single colours and materials of this headbands, from the base colour, to the stones.
When I ordered it, this is how it looks like.

This just came in today ^_^
It looks the same, of course it's a bit different in the photo, all because I can't find a good angle for it ;(

This is a limited edition headbands,
something in the artist series or something, it was on sale, for 50%,
and I like this design, it's called peacock.

And this is a set purchase that I bought during Christmas last year.
My very first purchase of Sereni&Shentel's Headbands.

So, this is basically my headbands from Sereni&Shentel.
And it's comfortable to wear.
And it got notice by people when I wear it. Hahaha!
That never happen to any other headbands that I have!

Even though it is expensive,
but I just can't help it,
and I don't really regret it even though I do feel guilty for not sticking to my plan of saving money >.<
Okay! Okay! I got what I want, and I will restrain myself from the website for a few months.
Hahahaha =P *fingers crossed*

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