Thursday, January 12, 2012

Story of My Life

*photo from Tumblr

I guess that's pretty much the life of a quiet, shy, unfriendly individual like myself.
Nope, I'm not complaining...and I'm not necessarily behaving like that to everyone.
I guess those who know me well won't believe that I am like how I describe myself.
But for those who don't know me that well, they'll most probably think I am a snob, and nope, I'm not making that up, I have a few people personally confessed to me on this matter.

Sometimes there are boundaries for me to socialize and language issue is just one of them.
People are nice to me, I'm not particularly their close friends, but at least they don't act awkwardly around me.
But I guess at the end of the day...I still feel that girl in that picture?
When walking in a group, I'm usually at the back of the group walking alone.
Not that I don't want to join them, just that I can't understand them. Hahahaha.
Don't worry, I don't blame them, it is completely understandable.
It is just among my many flaws to only be able to communicate in the language of Malay and English.

As I am trying to be more optimistic,
I don't always look at it as a bad thing,
I do have my mood swings sometimes, and that will be the time when I hate my life most. Hahaha.
But generally, I don't really become desperate for attention from friends, I look at it as a way to teach myself to not be too dependent for company.
Sometimes it does makes me feel lonely, especially when I really need someone to spend time with, but I will try to tell myself that there are people with worse fate than me and that I should not make a big fuss over it.

Even though, I admit,
I can't help myself at times. Hahaha...

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