Tuesday, February 14, 2012


1) I hate being treated like an idiot more than being underestimated.

2) I can be competitive at the wrong times.

3) I have problems in accepting some things...depends on the things.

4) I still have problems believing in my own capabilities.

5) I always try to fight the temptation of expressing the feeling of being left out because I don't want people to think I'm looking for attention.

6) I feel ugly all the time, it gets worse when a random guy comes and tell my friend next to me that she's beautiful and looks at me weirdly and leaves (it happened today).

7) It's not that difficult to understand me, but it's difficult to get me comfortable talking to you.

8) I have really really bad social skills.

9) I think too much.

10) I feel like I'm not good at anything a lot of times in a day.

*photos from Tumblr


♥Molli♥ said...

so sweet... :) ♥ please visite me...


my site is german... :( sorry...but I like your site...

:) :D :) Bye

Wani said...

Thank u Molly. Wow, I didn't knw I have a reader all the way from Germany.