Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Keep The Standards...

Sorry that I left this blog without any updates for awhile.
I've been busy.
I played for a gig recently, Anugerah Juara Lagu Ke-26.
I must say that this year's AJL is way better than last year.
The orchestra sounded SO MUCH BETTER from last year.
There are so many friends from UiTM that played for AJL, UiTM students/alumni conquered AJL this year!!!

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the standards of AJL...
This event suppose to be a professional event among local singers/composers, in other words, this is not a singing competition for those who wants to be famous, this is for people who are already famous, haha.
So, regardless of how old you are,
you'll need to be up to the standard.
which will lead to this certain 17 year-old singer, Najwa Latiff.
Look, I've seen comments all around saying that because of her age people should be considerate, because of her age she should be given a chance...
Okay, I agree, everyone deserve a chance, but when it comes to the level of AJL, you should be up to the standards.
Who says acoustic music can't be in the standard of those high range ballad?
It can, but the standard must be there.
I am honestly surprised that she even made it into AJL.
I'm not saying that her song is bad, different people have different taste,
but I think, any professional musicians can tell that her song is not yet in the level of AJL.

She didn't win any categories, which kind of save the standards of AJL...
I'm not trying to be mean,
for someone her age, she accomplished more than people of her age could possibly get,
she owns that platform to become someone important in the industry,
but she just have so much to improve, so much more to learn before I can say that she deserve to be in the standard of AJL.
I would say that it is her luck to be selected as the finalist,
the song ain't really that attractive to me,
the range stays the same,
I can't feel the development of the music,
I can't tell where is the climax of the music,
I can't sense the emotion in the music,
No matter how simple the music is, it should not abandon these elements.
To those people that say she shouldn't be criticized coz she's only 17...that's bullshit...
if you want to be part of a professional event, you must be prepared for the harsh criticism,
and my not-so-harsh-criticism will be that she's not in the level of AJL, when she sings it sounds flat (and I'm not talking about the live version), there's no variety in the music, you can count how many notes in the melody...which leads to small range...and the music is just not that interesting. The one thing that make that song so popular is because it's about meeting someone in Facebook and everyone is using Facebook and somehow want to relate to it.

It's a fun song...but not in the professional level.
Here, in comparison...just to show to you the difference, I'll put two videos...
one of Najway Latiff, and another one is by another singer who also didn't win anything that night with a simple song as well...

This song is by Aizat, called Sungai Lui.
This song is very simple, he didn't even scream around to show the climax of the song but I know where's the climax because there's development in the music and the arrangement is nicer...

And this is Cinta Muka Buku by Najwa Latiff.
I'm not saying the song is not nice,
I just don't feel it in the same level even though it is just as simple as Sungai Lui.
Every verse and chorus sounds the same to development.
I can hear the different sections of the song...but it just sound as a different section to me, nothing more...I just don't get anything, even the shape of the music is pretty much the same that I actually got bored halfway...

I know probably there are people who will disagree with me,
I'm fine with that, people come with their own state of mind.
But this is what I a professional way, I still believe she has so much more to learn,
as a person, I think she's lucky and should work hard if she's serious in being part of this industry. All the best to her.

And, to wrap up this super long post...
I will now post up the winner of AJL 26.
Hafiz - Awan Nano.
Composer - M.Nasir.
Lyrics - Buddhi Hikayat.

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