Friday, February 10, 2012

Madly In ♥

I want to make a confession...
You know how I said I don't like the behavior of obsession?
I still don't like it...but I have to confess,
I just LOVE owl so much until I feel like I have the tendency to become obsess of it!!
I want a pet owl so much, I am just madly in love with owl.
They are so cute and mysterious.
I have a shirt with owl sewn on it, I have a file with owl picture on it, I took a picture with an owl when I went to Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur.
I just love them >.<
I want to have a pet owl just as much (maybe more) as I want to have a cat and iguana as a pet when I live independently ^_^
But I'm worried if I have these three amazing animals under one roof, will they eat each other if I'm out to work and leave them at home alone? o.O
But I just might choose owl over cats and iguanas...surprisingly...but I just might :p

*photos from Tumblr


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Kann?? Lg la rasa cm nk bela burung hantu!