Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Music and the Society

Music is a waste of time, it consumes a lot of your time and money, and for what? You can't make a good career out of it, you can't get a secure life with it, you can't make a lot of money with it. So why bother giving so much for something that won't give you as much in return? You want to know why? You really want to know why? It's because there's nothing more beautiful and satisfying in this world than the art of music. Just like a man that loves car so much that he's willing to spend a fortune to get a really good one. People just don't get it, they never will, they look at us, musicians, as the troubled society. I hate these kind of narrow minded people. Unfortunately, these idiots are the one who been given the authority to run the music industry in Malaysia. These people who are full of politics and what's on their mind? "Save money". What a stupid reason to deny the fact that you're all a bunch of cowards. You've been given the budget by the sponsor, make full use of it to improve the music scene. Not cutting all the budget and not even care about the effect just so you can use the money for so-called "conference" to go overseas and bring your family along with you.

People are willing to take risk in science, in language...but why on earth are those people with the power to help the music scene are just too much of a coward to even take a small risk? Malaysians can't accept Classical music, screw you. You never expose it to them how do you expect people to appreciate them, in fact, local traditional music can barely be heard anywhere anymore. Classical music are western music and we shouldn't be too Western, screw you to hell. You never even watch any local movies, you don't even want to wear national costumes of Malaysia, you're even ashamed to use local car and you dare say "we shouldn't be too Western"? Local TV dramas don't even have their own theme song for the love of God. They keep on stealing the music from other movies. Hello!! How cheap can these people really be? We're not idiots, don't think you can fool the audience by putting music by James Horner, John Williams or Howard Shore and expect no one will notice it. Those are copyrights, those people who own the music can sue you millions of USD and don't tell me that you're waiting for that to happen just so you can have more excuse to say the music scene in Malaysia sucks? Don't tell me you're waiting for that to happen just so you can have one more excuse to "save more budget"? Screw you to hell!

The recent tragedy is how the politics in the higher management of Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) are killing the best orchestra in Malaysia...the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. All for what? Same excuse, to save budget...bla bla bla. Look, if you want to bring Malaysians to MPO, that is noble, but get this, MALAYSIA CAN'T PRODUCE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL CLASSICAL MUSICIANS WITHOUT THE HELP FROM THE FOREIGNERS THAT HAS BEEN WORKING THEIR A$$ OF IN MPO. It has only been 14 years, don't compare with orchestra that has existed since the 19th Century. "Philharmonic" orchestra is an international level orchestra, to be in it, you need to internationally good. Which is the only reason why there are barely any Malaysians in that orchestra because Malaysia just can't produce any international level musicians. It's not because we favored them over the locals, but because the harsh reality is, Malaysians are not good enough to be in that orchestra. HOWEVER, instead of going all emotional over it, we learn from those who are internationally good enough so that we can improve and make our way to the international level. We NEED them to grow. But does the CEO of DFP knows that? Of course not, the only thing in her head is to save money. And congratulations to her, all other musicians and music expert AROUND the world are demanding reasons and reports from her for all the troubles caused in MPO that is OBVIOUSLY not a financial issue which of course...the whole world now know how cheap you are to save money. Good job in making Malaysia proud...and yes, I was being sarcastic.

This is the reason why you can't mix politics in music. But do people care? No. Malaysians are so cheap that the only thing they can think of is to save money and because of that we become a bunch of cowards that don't want to take any risks. Yes, failure after taking a risk can be really painful...but at the same time, how can we succeed without the guts to take risk? And yes, we do need to be wise and think about all options before taking risk, but the problem is...the music scene in Malaysia is just not being given any chance at all to take any kinds of risk. Why are Malaysian governments hate us, the musician, so much? How can we give good name to Malaysia if we are not given any chance to all. Music is an important part in every human's life. We use both sides of our brains when we learn music. We need to be very discipline to be able to learn and succeed in music. We can express life and emotions through music and connect with other people. Music is a wonderful thing...but Malaysians are too blinded by other things...such as, saving money...the most obvious thing. If this is how people want it to be...then I see no future in Malaysia. We will never move forward and keep up with other countries. Sad, dark future indeed.

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James said...

And you are saying this because you know for a FACT that DFP Management is trying to kill off the MPO or just hearsay or from some stories you heard over the NET?

Wani said...

When musicians that has been working for over 10 years with flawless dedication towards the orchestra are "removed" without any reasons, and some injustice that the musicians of MPO themselves have been talking about since the beginning of the management under the new CEO. Yes, I do know it for a fact, why else do you think I make a post out of it? It's been going on over a year, but everyone put up with it, but the recent tragedies of removing among the musicians that has been working at MPO since the beginning of it's time, without any solid reason, is just not acceptable to most orchestra musicians in Malaysia.

James said...

When you say you know this for a fact, meaning you have insider story on this? What other stories there? When the management will kill off the MPO?

Wani said...

Depending on which part of "insider" you prefer to look at.