Thursday, March 01, 2012


It has been awhile since I last update my blog.
The reason is because I have been dealing with such hectic week.
The worst part is, the "hectic level" will increase next week!

I feel exhausted all the time.
I need to eat more fruits, not sure why, I just think I should.
Am I making any sense?

MPYO audition date is out,
mine will be on March 13,
I'm quite nervous for the sight-reading that I know is coming nearer by the day.
I am just bad at it, it gets worse when I'm nervous.
Unfortunately, I am already nervous.

*sigh*...when will this stage fright issue of mine will be over?
I can feel that my confidence level is slightly better than last time,
and I am very thankful of it,
I will keep on improving my self-esteem.
I guess, in a way, even though I'm not really sure what,
studying music in UCSI boost my confidence level a little bit.
Even though I can barely get some good rest.

I really long for the day that I can really have the whole day to myself...

*photos from Tumblr

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