Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My S&S Headbands

The arrival of the two headbands that I ordered from Sereni & Shentel's headband collections today officially expanded my collection of their headbands! (that is a lot of "headband" in one sentence!)

And I just love them all :)
It's nice, I can wear it the whole day and not get dizzy at all.

The four headbands on the left from top to bottom will be:
Custom Blair and Mini Block party, 3 different colors.

The four headbands on the right from top to bottom will be:
Colourful Rain from the Artist Series Collection (D.U.R.A), Custom Block Party, a special edition of Block Party, and Parrot from another Artist Series Collection (Anna Coroneo)

They have a new headband design called Lolita, and it's super cute.
I might get myself one of those one day ^_^

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