Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Things!

This week, I bought quite a few things.
Some of them will be...
*drum rolls*

Sereni & Shentel Headband.
This design is called Colourful Rain.
It's from the Artist Series Collection.
I bought it yesterday, it should arrive between 1 to 2 weeks time.

I also bought a book.
Too busy to read it right now, but will definitely start as soon as I can!

The most important thing I bought this week,
to be more
I bought a new violin bow!!
It's a German bow. It cost me rm1500.
The sound of my soft-sounded violin kinda project more with this bow,
and since it has a weight in the upper half, it kinda balance up the tone :)

I'm not really sure who's the maker,
no name carved on the frog/heel part of the bow.
But it's cool :)

The next thing on my "Things-to-Buy-List" will be this:
#Macbook Pro
#Violin case (hard case) - but this will only happen if I ever go to Singapore since music stuffs there are way cheaper.

The mission of collecting money begins...all over again :(

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