Monday, April 30, 2012

Bye April~

*photo taken from Tumblr

It is the last day of April...
Which means one thing to me.
A new semester is starting soon in UCSI, May 2nd to be exact.
My previous semester was emotionally pretty awful, things didn't work out with MPYO, my 2nd Jury turns out to be the worst violin exam I have ever taken in my whole entire life, my confidence level dropped tremendously thanks to those two "big" things in my life.
Nevertheless, I am still trying to bounce back, I have yet to find my spirit like I used to.  I tend to procrastinate a lot in practicing nowadays, at the back of my head, I'm still pretty much shattered and defeated.
However, I know it is not the end, great people will need to deal with failures and emotional breakdown once in awhile.  I am trying to bounce back to the right track...I am trying really hard.
I admit my surrounding is not entirely helping me...but I'll just have to push through it.
Hopefully by the end of this horrifying road, I can see the sun shining beautifully again.
I know it sounds a little dramatic or too theatrical, but it is how I feel right now.

I hope...I really do hope...
that the new semester will be emotionally refreshing.
I admit the pain I felt previously will live a terrible scar...but I hope pretty things will surround that scar so at least I can believe again that things do happen for a reason...and that, there is hope in every loss...

*photo taken from Tumblr

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